May 11, 2005 

Finally, A Place to Wear My Black Tie to Lunch • Eight is Great • Eagle City Market to Close

Finally, A Place to Wear My Black Tie to Lunch

For those out there who feel that Boiseans need more opportunities to dress for the noon meal, Richard's in Hyde Park now has you covered-or if not you, then your table.

"White linen service" at dinner has been de rigueur since Richard's changed hands (about a year ago). At the request of their customers, they'll now be laying out the good linens for their lunchtime crowds. People like to feel fancy before sunset, too.

Richard's, 1520 N. 13th St., 331-9855,

Eight is Great

File under "this doesn't sound anything like my eighth birthday party ...":

It's been eight years since Old Chicago opened up for business in downtown Boise.

They'll be celebrating this birthday in style on Saturday, May 14, with live music and food and drink specials with an "eight" theme-like $8 pepperoni pizzas or 88-cent chips and salsa.

In spite of the name and the birthday, you're not Old, Chicago-you barely look a day over 6.

Old Chicago, 730 W. Idaho St., 363-0037.

Eagle City Market to Close

Anyone who has been into Eagle City Market lately might have noticed that it's a ghost town around there. Last week's Mother's Day Sale didn't disguise the fact that what they really seem to be doing is liquidating. Sources say that the Market is, indeed, closing. There's no word yet on the day the doors will be locked. Those interested in picking over the remains might want to get moving. Hours are reduced to 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Eagle City Market, 3210 E. Chinden Blvd. #120, Eagle, 938-3408.

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