May 17, 2006 

“All of us get lost in the darkness Dreamers learn to steer by the stars All of us do time in the gutters Dreamers turn to look at the cars” —Rush "The Pass"

Dear Dream Zone, I dreamed some girl shot and killed me. Instead of moving on I stayed. I did not want to leave my boyfriend because he was having a hard time with me dying, and I was worried that no one was going to take care of him. Then I was having my SUV worked on and the man came out to give me my keys. I told him I was dead. He touched me because he did not believe me.When he did, I came back to life! I ran to my boyfriend to tell him and we were happy and I woke up. —Stephanie 23, Kearns, UT

Lauri: Dying in a dream is not necessarily bad! It means something in your life, or something within you, has come to an end or needs to come to an end ... something needs to change. Notice how you refuse to move on in your dream. How are you not moving on in real life? Perhaps this is what needs to come to an end. The mechanic is your ability to fix your situation and your ability to get moving again. Touching you in the dream means you've recently gotten in touch with this part of your self. You’ve recognized it and need to use it in order to get back on your road of life and see how far you can go!

Stephanie replies: My boyfriend and I have been together five years. He is going through a custody battle for his kids. We decided that when court was done we would get engaged. Well, the marriage has been put on hold longer than we thought and that has been very frustrating for me. I am now taking a deeper look into myself because I knew that this dream meant something important like this. Thank you.

Fascinating Dream Fact: In a recent study, participants were asked to solve scrambled word puzzles after being awakened during both the REM phase of sleep (when we dream) and the less active non-REM phase. Their performance improved by 32 percent when awakened after dreaming!

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