May 18, 2005 

Oh give me a gnome–Voices clobbered–More God–Judicial Nominees–A New Home


In last week's Noise feature, the Motel Cowboy Reunion was listed as a music event May 20 through 22 at The Silver Spur Saloon, 1308 W. Franklin St., 375-0373. The correct location is Shorty's Saloon, 5467 Glenwood, 672-9090.

Oh give me a gnome

Editor's note: The following letter was accompanied with a drawing showing many gnomish options for the landscaping of Bingo's Home for Wayward Gnomes.

Deer Bingo,

I like your ideas for the yard (BW, Lingo Yarns, May 11, 2005). I thought you might like to see some of mine. Even tho its' been good, it's gnot all fun and games out here. I've had a bit of trouble lately. I think I mite be a little too gnaive. I'll fill you in more later.

Love, Jack, the away from home, gnome.

Voices clobbered

Ted Rall reminded us that cops lie (BW, Ted Rall, May 5, 2005). In particular he recounted the events in NYC during the Republican National Convention where hundreds of demonstrators (and mere passersby) were arrested on fabricated charges.

What Rall left out was what an unbridled success it all was; that is, if you measure success by how effective the tool is at maintaining the social order. The "tool" here is, of course, the police. These public servants, these city, state and federal employees, are charged with protecting the peace. But "peace" in this country must include not just the concept, but the actual exercise of one's right to assemble and make public one's grievances. At such public assemblies, the police have a vital role in protecting the public and the demonstrators alike from anyone who takes it too far.

But that is not the role they played. Not even close. Instead, these police, these fellow citizens with guns, showed up in full riot gear, on horses, motorbikes, and ATVs. They proceeded to forcibly arrest hundreds of citizens, locking most of them in the chain link cages of a former (and recently condemned) storage facility.

Remember, these peace officers were not ordered en masse to protect NYC from marauding hordes. They were sent in to temporarily extinguish the ability of citizens who, in an organized manner, wished to deliver a message to a political convention; their message being namely, "We don't like what those in power are up to!"

Those in power, however, were ready with a dramatically different message, and, a mechanism for delivering it with stinging precision; their message being namely, "Public dissent will be met with force, and public servants who participate in squelching that dissent will not be held responsible for their unlawful actions."

Viewed in the light of delivering that message, one can only conclude that it was a magnificent success.

-George Giroux,


More God

I just read the letter written by Russell Kraus (BW, Mail, May 11, 2005). He has joined in the debate on: Is there a God or is there no God? So he names two points of view: There is a God vs. there is no God. I've stumbled around this earth for 80 years, and I must say I just don't know. I guess that leaves me as an agnostic. If there is a God, I don't know what she believes or what she wants for our earth and the creatures who inhabit it.

Mark Twain grew quite sarcastic as he aged, and he told a story of a person who entered into heaven. After some time there, he grew unhappy and told St. Peter that he wanted to return to earth. There was a gigantic map of the universe that covered all the walls, with a ladder that could be moved around, and Peter said, "Find the earth and I shall return you. I haven't the slightest idea where this earth is, or if it even exists." The person climbed on the ladder and began his search. At last he found his idea of the earth, and called St. Peter to come and see where it was.

St. Peter was pretty old and yet he climbed up to have a look. He looked very thoroughly, and then with his hand he wiped it off the map. "It is only a fly speck," he exclaimed. When those who know about God and where she sits, are willing to share the truth with this poor soul, please, oh please, do!

-Tom Edgar,


Judicial Nominees

The ongoing obstruction of up or down votes on judicial nominees by partisan Senate Democrats has to stop. Since they can't win elections and they can't win ballot measures, their only hope of promoting their agenda is through un-elected, un-accountable judges. Well, its time for Senate Republicans to put a stop to the liberal obstructionist senators. While Democrats claimed in the past that all they wanted was a chance to debate the nominees, they have now shown the American public how insincere they really are. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist's proposal would guarantee President Bush's nominees a fair up or down vote on the Senate floor while allowing all senators an opportunity to have their say through a guaranteed 100 hours of debate. This is a reasonable resolution to the Democrats' unprecedented use of the filibuster against President Bush's nominees, and will ensure that the filibuster remains intact for use against legislation.

-Nathan Harris,


a new home

It is a fine, fine day for the men and women of Idaho! Planned Parenthood of Idaho has a beautiful, state-of-the art new home in Boise. Thanks to the untiring dedication and support of our wonderful donors and volunteers, we are realizing a dream that was a long time in the making. In our new Lake Harbor health care center on State Street, we will better serve the thousands of clients who have come to rely on us for top-quality reproductive health care, honest and comprehensive sexuality education and authoritative news on the issues effecting reproductive health care and choice. The show of local support through this exciting process has been inspiring. Nancy Lemas of Commercial Northwest Real Estate, Sharon Dollinger of Zion's Bank, Steve Trout of Trout Architects, Barbara Miller-Johncox of Alexander and Associates, and many, many others have been right by our side every step of the way with expertise, enthusiasm and partnership. Rebecca Poedy, PPI president and CEO, has diligently maneuvered through this process. Idaho is fortunate to have her as the strong and savvy leader at the helm of such an important organization. Hats off to the entire PPI staff for their progressive vision and hard work. On behalf of the Board of Directors of PPI, I offer my most sincere gratitude to everyone who made this historic move possible. To our supporting community, thank you for your unwavering dedication to accessible, quality and comprehensive reproductive health care in Idaho. You are deeply appreciated. Way to go Planned Parenthood!

-Aimee Moran, chair, Planned Parenthood of Idaho Board of Directors

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