May 7, 2019: What to Know 

  • Bingo Barnes
  • Denver, already at the forefront of the national debate over legalizing marijuana, will vote today on whether it will be the first city in the U.S. to effectively decriminalize hallucinogenic mushrooms. USA Today reports that, if it passes, the measure will make the possession, use or cultivation of "magic" mushrooms by people aged 21 or older the lowest-priority crime for Denver law enforcement. Arrests and prosecutions, already fairly rare, could all but disappear.

  • The body of a man pulled from Arrowrock Reservoir has been identified as a Boise resident. The Elmore County Sheriff's office said Rudy Cedillo was reported missing this past weekend after he went hiking with friends near the reservoir. Cedillo's companions told law enforcement that they did not see him go into the water. The investigation is ongoing.
    • The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
    The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has loosened some of its wedding rules. Previously, couples who got married in civil ceremonies had to wait a full year for a ceremony in a Mormon temple. NBC News reports that the old rule, which also barred any family members who were not in "good standing" with the church from attending the temple wedding, often created heartache for families with mixed religious affiliations. Mormon leaders now say the church will allow "families to come together in love and unity."
  • Michael Cohen, President Trump's former lawyer and "fixer," woke up this morning in a federal prison where he'll spend the next few years. Reuters reports that Cohen checked into a federal correctional institution in upstate New York on Monday to begin his sentence for financial crimes and lying to Congress.
  • The honor of a Presidential Medal of Freedom is usually reserved for war heroes or history-making Americans at the end of their careers, but sports stars occasionally make the list, too. On Monday, President Trump gave the medal to Tiger Woods. Sports Illustrated reports that Trump and Woods have been golf partners on several occasions over the past decade, and according to GOLF, Woods is the fourth pro golfer to receive the honor.
  • CBS News has made another shift in its anchor chair. Norah O'Donnell is the latest reporter to take over the task of anchoring the CBS Evening News. Variety reports that the shift is the latest move orchestrated by CBS News President Susan Zirinsky in a bid to revive a news organization which has, for the past several years, taken a back seat to its competitors.
  • New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art held its annual Art Costume Institute benefit last night. Known better as the Met Gala, it's a bit like an awards show without any awards. In fact, it's all about the red carpet. Lady Gaga didn't disappoint. By the time she had walked the entire length of the red carpet, she'd stripped down to reveal no fewer than four different outfits.
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