Maybe Boise does need one more burger joint. 

Not all restaurants new to Boise are welcomed warmly by Food News. More than one ill-timed chain restaurant has been spurned by Food News' heavy bias toward local and independent eateries and the lucky ones never rate a mention at all.

But occasionally, one catches my attention. Especially one that smacks of this Food News writer's favorite out-of-state guilty fast-food pleasure: In-N-Out.

A couple of years ago, I got a tip from a government worker that a certain wildly popular California-based burger chain had applied for a building permit in Ada County. The corporate talking heads denied it at the time, reinforcing the chain's Golden State-centric business plan.

Now, it turns out, we need In-N-Out about as much as it needs us. Which means, not at all.

The Utah-based mini-chain Chadder's quietly opened its first Idaho franchise location a few weeks ago in the mall area snarl, offering the familiar burger-fries-shake shtick. Last week, founder Chad Stubbs stopped by Boise to court the media, answering questions about trademark litigation and explaining his burger philosophy in depth. Chadder's, whose first location was in American River, Utah, was sued by In-N-Out for trademark infringement related specifically to the names of menu items. In other words, don't ask the counter help at Chadder's for a Double Double Animal Style. What you want is a Stubby Double the Stubby Way. As for Stubbs' burger philosophy (which should be well defined since he eats at Chadder's every day), it revolves around high quality meat and fresh food. No ammonia-cleaned burger filler here, folks--I asked.

As for how well Chadder's stacks up to its most similar competition, I've made a couple of trips to the joint in the last few days and I'll say this: I'll be in San Francisco next week and now, I've knocked a burger pit stop off the top of my list of stuff to do in the Bay Area.

Chadder's, 535 N. Milwaukee St., Boise,

This Week's Wine and Dine

Bella Aquila in Eagle will host a wine dinner featuring California's Renwood wines paired with six courses, the last of which is a rather decadent combination of a smoked paprika dark chocolate truffle with port.

Dinner is Tuesday, Jan. 26, 6 p.m. Cost is $65 per person plus tax and gratuity. 775 S. Rivershore Lane, Eagle, 208-938-1900,

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