McCall City Website Hacked By Anti-ISIS Kurd 

Visitors to the website of the resort community of McCall traditionally find information about police, parks, the library and meetings of the City Council. But in the morning hours of Dec. 30, visitors to were greeted by a message from someone who wants to bring the Kurdish fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, aka ISIS, front-and-center for the Valley County community.

"Hacked by Serwan | Kurdish Hackers," read a message at the top of the website that Wednesday morning was cloaked in black and featured a map of Kurdistan, which includes sections of eastern Turkey, northern Syria, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran.

In November, The New Yorker's Dexter Filkins wrote, "Iraq's Kurds loathe ISIS," adding, "the Kurds have been fighting to maintain their autonomy and identity ever since Iraq was cobbled together at the end of the First World War."

Some of the messages on the hacked city of McCall website wave the flag for the Kurdish cause:
"I will be fighting for as long as I live."
"You can't force us not to be Kurds."
"We have always been Kurds and always will be."
The bottom of the hacked website also included some choice words for ISIS:
"One Great KURDISTAN For Ever / Fuck Turk / Fuck ISIS [sic]"
Needless to say, the hacked website caught the city of McCall (approximate population of 2,900, but much lower in the winter), totally off guard.

"We heard about it. All I can tell you is that we're working on it," said a McCall City Hall switchboard operator when Boise Weekly inquired about the hack. She added there wasn't any alternative website to direct online visitors.

"We don't know what happened," she said.

By mid-morning Wednesday, city of McCall IT personnel had reclaimed control of the city's website and visitors were once again greeted by photos of the picturesque mountain community.

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