McDonald's 'Secret' Menu 

Order yourself a McGangbanger (seriously)


There may be no place on earth less exclusive than McDonald's. It's harder to get into most gas station bathrooms than it is to pop a squat at Mickey-D's. Still, everyone likes to feel special. For those who seek an elite fast-food experience, there is the McDonald's Secret Menu.

Hitherto only whispered about on the kinds of websites where gluttony meets monomania, the clandestine board of fare was reportedly confirmed by an anonymous McDonald's manager from Scotland during an "Ask Me Anything" session on Reddit.

Since then, the curtain has been lifted on such culinary oddities as the "Land, Sea and Air" burger (beef, fish and chicken); "Big McChicken" (a Big Mac with chicken instead of buns); and the egregiously named "McGangbang" (a McChicken sandwich jammed inside a McDouble burger). If the latter isn't Caligulean for you, try the "Monster Mac"—described by whoever runs as eight beef patties stacked atop one another in a "jaw-dropping creation."

Lest we overhype the secrecy of this so-called "secret menu," the unnamed Scottish McDonald's manager made it clear—as did McDonald's management—that most of the unofficial items are either "grill orders," meaning they're no different than asking to hold the pickles on a Big Mac, or do-it-yourself projects. In other words, if you really want a McGangbang, order a McChicken and a McDouble and mash them together at your table (and get ready for the disgusted looks of your fellow eaters).

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