Meanwhile, At Your Local Library... 

Don't groan and skip this item just because you read the word "library." Never mind that the library is an amazing resource. You, Dear Taxpayer, have made it what it is. Perhaps it isn't a bad idea to see what's happening at your local book repository. You're paying for it-you might as well take advantage of it.

Apparently we're not the only ones to think this way. On Monday, June 6, over 4,400 people visited the Boise Public Library (you may know it from the sign as simply "Library!") and checked out a staggering 6,840 items. The average BPL daily traffic is some 3,000 patrons. Perhaps more people are realizing that the library has not only books, but CDs, DVDs, and access to online tools as well.

But speaking of that ol' library staple, books, a new service is available from Boise Public Library-books for book clubs. Made possible by community and business donations, the library's multiple copies of single books will become part of a new library service that makes it possible for book club representatives to reserve several copies of one title, pick up and return all copies to the library. Reservations can be made months in advance and due dates can be extended to six weeks (instead of the usual four weeks). A complete list of available book club titles and instructions on how to reserve book club copies are available on the library's Web site. Happy reading.

For more book club information, e-mail Visit to see what else you might be missing at your local library.

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