Melvins, Oct. 2, Neurolux 

Credited with playing some of grunge's first chords, the Melvins also boosted the confidence of young rock fans who were afraid to leave the house. No matter how weird a kid looked, Melvins guitarist/vocalist Roger "Buzz" Osborne (aka King Buzzo) and his mane of crazy hair looked weirder (in a good way).

The Melvins' new release, The Bride Screamed Murder (June 2010, Ipecac Recordings), starts with a hup-two-three-four military drill, ends with a Gregorian-like chant and is a balls-out rock fest in between. It is the latest in a looooong line of releases that include LPs, EPs, singles and bootlegs numbering in the hundreds. Whether it's staying power or a refusal to leave, they don't continue to make records because they can, they do it because they should. Their heady, gloomy gut-punching rock has changed with the times, certainly, but is no less effective at drilling into your body and brain now than it was when you first saw the Melvins.

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