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Not everyone is a fan of apps like TimeHop or Facebook's "Memories" feature, which show you where you were on this day in the past. Such photographs often serve as sorrowful reminders of a relationship you were sure would outlast the universe, an old friend you've lost contact with, or how you're steadily progressing closer to the grave.

For the less nihilistic among us who are fans of the #TBT—Throw Back Thursday—trend, check out the Memory Clock. This Japanese concept envisions a digital wall clock that displays not only the time but also a photo taken at that exact time the previous year.

The website boasts, "Memories revived at unexpected moments will deepen family ties," suggesting the Memory Clock might show "a record of your newborn's cry on his birthday" and "an unremarkable but precious memory from an ordinary day."

The Memory Clock, which syncs with the owner's phone, uploads the photos and makes them available to friends and family who also have Memory Clocks, so everyone can cringe at the photo of that hairstyle you used to think looked so good.

Amazingly, the creators of Memory Clock are still looking for a backer to fund the concept. More information on this bittersweet idea can be found at

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