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Re: “The Swine Within

Hey Larry Linn….just got around to reading your comment. I see that you don’t respect draft dodgers, which I can understand, but why didn’t you mention Bill Clinton in your draft-dodging diatribe? You have to know that the great impeached one was a draft dodger extraordinaire. Why not include him? Hey, I know, I know, because you’re just another liberal hypocrite. But you do get libtard points for bringing Bush into your rant…in classic fashion too….blah blah blah, Bush MAY have been AWOL!!! Too funny!

Posted by Greg Hobart on 02/15/2009 at 11:28 PM

Re: “The Swine Within

Dear 'fairness doctrine' doesn't exist in anything near a final form yet, so how do you know which media it does or doesn’t apply to? LOL!! By the way, who the hell starts a statement with “P.S”?! From Merriam Webster’s dictionary, which you don’t seem to own, a post script (that’s “P.S”. to you simpleton) is defined as “a note or series of notes appended to a COMPLETED letter, article, or book”. I’ll go slow and make this so even you can understand…a post script goes at the END, not the beginning! So thanks for commenting oh scholarly one! You’ve done your ilk proud!! LOL

Posted by Greg Hobart on 02/13/2009 at 10:01 PM

Re: “The Swine Within

Wow Bill, 15 years of “hatred” of one man? Freud would have had a lot to say that about I’m sure. But I’m know that you, the only one that really knows the contents of your inner black abyss (no not the one in your head), is well aware of those deep seeded demons. My only comment is this, once your fellow hate filled right wing amigos pass the “fairness doctrine” (I’m sorry, I write that without laughing), I look forward to Boise Weekly being forced to present an alternative view on your hate filled outlook on life. Although in your defense, with this new president, the charlatan of change, the doom and gloom prophet, the cup half empty guy, and his pity me spouse (well at least she’s shut up for the short term) have helped nurture your and your ilks hatred. The democrat party has done a very good job of breaking the weak of their flock (well if that isn’t all encompassing!), and getting elected on one mantra “Change”…..You idiots bought that hook, line and sinker and you have NO idea what change means or meant. In fact your party, the new “transparent” government has even changed their mind on posting the new “stimulus” bill online so you won’t ever know if they have their way. Almost one trillion dollars of your money (well for those of you that even worked during the good old days), and you don’t’ have the brains to want to see where it went, or even question it!!! Kudos to the Democrats for knowing how stupid their followers are. I’m sorry for the America and the impact of bigger government and poorer citizens for the next four years, but I’ll get over it. My only question is, when Boise Weekly has the fairness doctrine forced upon them, which of the two opinion writers will lose their jobs? While I don’t like to wish bad upon him, I hope it’s the other guy (sorry I don’t know his name), cuz I’d really enjoy watching you get your secret fantasy fulfilled, and have your hate mongering tirades posted next to the person you’ve fantasized about for oh so long! Sounds like a Cope wet dream.

Posted by Greg Hobart on 02/13/2009 at 6:23 AM

Re: “The Swine Within

Hilarious, the muslim messiah just gave America the biggest pork filled screwing (don’t get excited there cope, it’s not the type of wet dream screwing you’d hoped for from the guy) in history and dumbazz Cope can only write about Rush. Why? On orders from the new order? You obtuse brainwashed liberal. Please do me a favor, when they pass out the kool aid, all liberals PLEASE drink it up. Of course that will bloat you and make you smell…….but I can live with that as it can’t be any worse than your current state of existence. And as for larrypsy in Boise with his statement “Increasing school age dropout fails - keeping them dumb and voting republican”….dear Lord, what are you trying to convey? Stop babbling those incoherent diatribes, you’re just embarrassing yourself again. However to Cope and all the worthless lemmings, you’re probably a God.

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Posted by Greg Hobart on 02/12/2009 at 7:49 PM

Re: “That's It?

The funny thing about this “High Crimes” of Bush crying is that the liberals can’t seem to get out of their mind is that there are a lot of liberal lawyers that have spent years trying to think of ways to try Bush for things in a court of law for things that they don’t like about him. But they have been unsuccessful (evidently he’s either a lot smarter than that dip wad Clinton, or Bush didn’t do anything illegal). Now I know the sour faced libtards walking around Boise and the world for that matter don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth. Time to face facts girls. And as for the ‘opinion writers’ of Boise Weekly, are they going to keep writing about Bush for the next four years until the next Republican President takes office, or do they have an original thought, and the intellectual honestly to take offense to what the chosen one is already doing to this country (you know, the economic ‘Stimulus’!!! Are you really that stupid to think that pork filled cluster _ _ _ _ will help the economy?). I can only assume that even a parrot would get tired of repeating the same old stuff.

Posted by Greg Hobart on 01/30/2009 at 6:26 PM

Re: “That's It?

Too funny! The two great writers, who can only sell their opinions to the liberal minions that read a free news rag, are still blabbing on about Bush and Cheney while their great black hope rapes the national treasury under the guise of “Economic Stimulus”!! I’m sure you’re not worried about the national treasury as you’ve relied on government handouts to reach your highly esteemed place as a two bit opinion writer in a town that really doesn’t give a shit about your opinion. How sad that you’re either so stupid or ignorant that you won’t notice the real crimes are being committed to our, and future generations with an insane 1 TRILLION dollar pork filled bailout. And by the way sweetheart, you won’t see a cent of that “stimulus”. Pelosi, Reid, and I’m sure your favorite, Barney Frank, have made sure of that. HAHA FOOLS! Well don’t worry it’ll only be four more years until you have a fiscally responsible and sensible Republican President to throw stones at. Enjoy your liberal circle jerks for these next few years..and oh, about President Bush…seriously, give it a rest, your diatribes are just plain boring. Like your mom, after eight years of hearing your crap, we're tired of you.

Posted by Greg Hobart on 01/29/2009 at 7:36 PM

Re: “Let's Kill Duncan

Oh great, a lib-tard, “rodnchance” jumps on here to not address the issue but rather to spew out his hate filled attacks. Sweetheart, this has nothing to do with your so-called “NRA types”. It has to do with a monster that attacked, killed, and raped children. I know that’s acceptable in your world, and probably some sick dream you share with Duncan, but just to let you know, this is not acceptable behavior to a normal person; Although you wouldn’t understand that. And it’s no surprise that you hate religion and the sound of a woman’s voice, as I’m sure that you’ve been seeking the comfort of men since your daddy, and your daddies friends started touching you oh so long ago. Also, stop the trolling on Craigslist looking for dates with the “hot men” that you see around town. Those people don’t care about you either. Now go get some help. I’m sure you’ll have to face some demons, which you’re obviously running from, but in the long run it will do nothing but help you address your hatred, and quite possibly make you a better person.

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Posted by Greg Hobart on 09/18/2008 at 9:47 AM

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