Wait a minute...what?

People who read The New York Times and also watch Veep may have done a double-take when seeing the June 18 NYT Sunday Book Review section. Among the real ads for fiction and nonfiction titles was a full-page ad for A Woman First: First Woman by Selina Meyer. Wait... Selina Meyer? As in the character portrayed by Julia Louis-Dreyfus on HBO comedy Veep? The ad teases, which touts Meyer's (phony) nonprofit organization that supports a hodgepodge of causes including "adult literacy, AIDS, the advancement of global democracy, military family assistance and childhood obesity."

The website is so well crafted, it would be easy to think Meyer a real person if not for a few clues, like the brief adult literacy test: "Can you read this? Yes or No?" Click either one, and you get the following message: "Congratulations! You are literate."

It's a perfect gag featuring one of the most imperfect fictional politicians ever. Like the ad for A Woman First says: "Because every generation gets the leader they deserve."

A Woman First: First Woman by Selina Meyer doesn't exist, but if you love Veep, check out

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