Micron's Side of the Story 

In a recent edition of the Eagle Chamber of Commerce newsletter, we got the longest version yet of Micron's side of things, from their lobbyist Mike Reynoldson.

In his open letter to the chamber, Reynoldson talks about the reasoning for Micron's layoffs, what the state's economic incentives mean to the company and where Micron is going in the future. The state's tax incentives for Micron have drawn some scrutiny.

Since CEO Steve Appleton's not talking much, this is as close as we get to a view into their side of the story. The letter is not unlike any number of presentations lobbyists like Reynoldson might make to lawmakers in hopes of either (a) getting out ahead of scrutiny on the worth of fat incentives or (b) explaining the need for more. Not that you'll get new inside dope here, but it's worth the read all the same.

The letter was sent by Nancy Vannorsdel, the president and CEO of the Boise Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Here's an excerpt from the letter: "Recently, you may have read or seen some news, opinion, commentary, or speculation on Micron Technology and our operations here in Idaho.

"Micron is the largest private employer in the state, so when we announce a downturn in our business, it is very appropriate for the news media to cover that activity.

"But press coverage can also be a little frustrating—particularly when those leveling the criticism are giving 'opinion' or 'speculation' in 400 words or less. The WHOLE story does not typically make it in these types of articles."

Timing is everything: Shortly after Reynoldson's letter was printed, news reports indicated Micron would fire another 130 employees this week.

To read the entire letter, go to boiseweekly.com.

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