Mike Doughty, Sept. 9, Record Exchange 

Back to the future

Artists have long explored our desire to return to the past, whether to right a wrong, to avoid a later regret, to recapture youth or to quench some other more nebulous yearning. It's impossible to do, but as musician Mike Doughty has shown, taking something from long ago and bringing it into the now is not only doable but can result in something brilliant.

Doughty was the founder of moderately successful '90s band Soul Coughing, and for years after he broke up the band, he wouldn't perform Soul Coughing songs. After his memoir, The Book of Drugs (Da Capo Press, 2012), was published, Doughty brushed the dust off of some Soul Coughing songs and in 2013, released Circles Super Bon Bon... (MRI, 2013), an album that, like his memoir, brought a bit of his past into the light of the present. Now, Doughty is heading into the future with a new album, Stellar Motel (MRI), due out Tuesday, Sept. 16, but available to local fans early during Doughty's in-store performance, presented by 94.9 FM The River.

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