Minerva's Breakdown: Dating Pool 

Is the Boise dating world just a little too small?

Dear Minerva:

How do I go about dating in a place like Boise where there is only 1.5 degrees of separation?


Stagnant Pool

Dear Stagnant:

The struggle (as the kids say these days) is real. While Boise is blossoming into a destination for people from all over, the truth remains that we are still a small city in many respects. It is difficult to go out at any given time and not run into someone that we know. The stakes are higher when trying to navigate choppy dating waters, especially if dates go badly or relationships don't work out. However, people find love in even the smallest of dating pools so don't let the degree of separation bother you. After all, with social media, the world is now a tiny place. My advice to you is to just go for it. If you like someone and they like you, does it matter if there are close connections? If you are living your life honestly and making decisions that honor your authenticity and goals, what are you afraid of? Most of us have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the right person with whom to share our lily pad. Adults understand that the dating game is win or lose based on a multitude of reasons and should it not work out, the best thing that you can do is keep your dirty laundry to yourself. Now, dive on in and don't let 1.5 degrees of separation keep you 100% single.

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