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I have always been into body art and I have been saving up for a tattoo for a long time. I have consulted with different people over the years and I have a good idea of what I want. I am in my 30s and not just going through some rebellious phase. I've brought tattoos up around some of my family a few times and they have really negative viewpoints about tattoos. I worry I'll disappoint them but I also want to commemorate the achievements I have made. How do I move forward with getting the tattoos I want and still avoid judgment?

—Sincerely, Tat Me Up


The thing about authenticity, whether it's what kind of clothing you prefer, how you wear your hair, or body art like tattoos, is that there will always be somebody who doesn't like it. People can be judgmental. The good thing is, for every person who says something negative, you are bound to find at least 3 or 4 people who like it and will say as much. Most people who express their negativity about tattoos are also narrow minded people. I recall a certain great aunt of mine who was convinced that O.J. Simpson was innocent based solely on the fact that he was "clean cut without any tattoos." Adorn yourself with beautiful artwork and enjoy it. It will look far better on you than wearing the weight of other people's judgments and ignorance. Your body is a temple, so decorate it!

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