Minerva's Breakdown: Gave Until It Hurt 

Dear Minerva:

I have been heavily involved in a charity organization for years. Over the last several years, the organization has been overrun with petty arguing, backstabbing, vague posts, and a lot of unnecessary, elitist, awful attitudes. I'm torn between sticking it out (I believe in the work that is done) and quitting, calling out everything I know about this motley crew claiming to be doing things for "charity," when in reality every action has been self-serving drama. What would you do? I want to vent the feelings within me, but I don't want to hurt the good.


Gave Until It Hurt

Dear Hurt:

Sugar, do I relate to this!!! Philanthropic work can be an emotional vampire, sucking the very life out of the empathetic and loving. Burn-out is real. As for self-serving people with knives poised at the backs of the people who want to help, I hate to break it to you, but they exist in every organization. There's always someone with more opinions than meaningful actions, more attitude than ability, and more vitriol in their heart than joy to throw wrenches in the cogs of the work of good people. The bad news is we cannot control their actions. People have damage and pain. Sometimes, that manifests in hurting the innocent and undeserving of malice. The good news is we can rise above and take a break. Give yourself some time away from the burden of helpfulness. Self-care is important and often looks like a vacation from negative experiences. You may find a renewed interest afterwards. You may not. Either way, it is acceptable to do what you want.

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