Minerva's Breakdown: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow 

"Sure, your cousin shares blood with you but your hairstylist has a beauty bond, which is often stronger."


I have had the same hairdresser for 10 years. She is amazing. She knows my hair, knows what I like, and always does great work. Here's the problem though - she was in a car accident with my cousin and is suing my cousin for a considerable amount of money. I feel like I have to find a new stylist or face my family and their disapproval. What should I do?

-Sincerely, Damsel in Dis Tress


This is a hairy situation! Does your family come before your follicles?Sure, your cousin shares blood with you but your hairstylist has a beauty bond, which is often stronger! In an ideal world, there wouldn't be car accidents (I'm still recovering from my own recent accident) or litigation to make things right. However, since there is, we're called on to be adults about it. Neither party should ask you to take a side. People also deserve to be made whole when accidents happen. The court will sort all of that part out. All parties need to realize that no one wants to be or plans to be in accidents like this. It's nobody's business who you visit for your hair needs. You aren't required to justify - to anyone - who you do business with. Your stylist doesn't deserve to be cut off when she probably needs work more than ever during this trying time. I would flat out refuse to change hairstylists and let them tease out their problems on their own.

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