Minerva's Breakdown: Lusting After Drag 

Is it wrong to feel attracted to someone in drag?

Dear Minerva:

Is it wrong to feel attracted to someone in drag? I have been experiencing these feelings and I feel weird about it.


Lusting After Drag

Dear LAD:

My initial and easy answer is: No, there is nothing wrong with being attracted to someone in drag. It is never that simple, though. I have been getting a lot of drag-related questions as of late, which tells me that the culture is looking more and more at drag, legitimizing the art form, no doubt, but also opening up the possibility of fetishizing people based on their attire. Drag queens and kings very often view their drag as a separate persona from who they are as people. Many would never entertain the idea of dating or engaging in sexual activity while in their form of drag. There are also a lot of drag queens who have expressed offense at being fetishized for what they are wearing. As long as you are respectful of people's bodies and their right to not be trifled with, whether in drag or not, no matter what kind of clothing they wear, then I think it's fine to express that attraction. People like to be complimented (especially drag queens) and feeling beautiful is a great experience; however, people are complex, multi-faceted, layered beings, and one rarely likes to be solely defined by or admired for their attire and appearance. Keep loving the art form and respectfully admiring the performers. You may happen upon someone who sees themselves as you do and a beautiful thing could happen.

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