Minerva's Breakdown: Pride On 

"Keep up the great work making Boise a beautiful place to be yourself!"


June is Pride month for LGBTQ+ people in the United States. While Pride week in Boise has drawn to a close, the work and the mission continues on. To all the LGBTQ+ people in Idaho and beyond, thank you for showing up in your daily lives, standing up for who you are in your dealings with others, and living authentically with bravery and conviction. Wonderful strides have been made in acceptance and celebration. With more work to do and people still fighting against progress, love and humanity, it is easy to lose focus. My advice to you if you are feeling that way is to meditate on your life as an LGBTQ+ person and draw strength from where we have come over the past 50 years. For allies, thank you for showing up and supporting. Continue embracing those around you. Continue showing support through being outspoken and compassionate. It is easy for all of us to look at headlines or online postings and lose hope but the work continues and we are in an amazing time of visibility. Definitely don't forget that we need to feed our souls during this process so celebrate the small victories and take time to nurture your passions and rest your bodies and hears when you need a break. Boise and Idaho truly are "Too Great To Hate," and even our smallest displays of pride impact people in positive ways. Keep up the great work making Boise a beautiful place to be yourself!

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