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Minerva's Breakdown: Social Media Positivity

Advice for those on the verge

Minerva Jayne May 23, 2018 4:00 AM

Dear Minerva,

I have recently started to make peace with my body. I have always been a curvier girl and there has always been pressure on me to lose weight. I have made some amazing strides to do so and part of what has helped me is using social media to post progress as well as post pictures of myself when I feel beautiful and sexy. I have one friend who continually complains about the pics as being inappropriate. Sometimes they are risque since I am nude but covered in certain areas, but I would never say they are in bad taste. How do I deal with the negativity?

Sincerely, Proud Curvy

Dear Proud,

You should never be ashamed of your body. Embrace it and love it, even if you are a work in progress. I think there's a good chance that your friend is in the minority. There will ALWAYS be haters in this world that is why you should continue to post what makes you happy, especially when you're feeling amazing about yourself. Because of this question I conducted a poll. Since Instagram has a wide range of people celebrating their bodies while lifting others up, I placed a poll in my Instagram story that said, "How do you feel about seeing tasteful nudes of your friends/people on IG?" The results showed that 79% voted "I Love It" with 21% of respondents saying "Nope." So keep posting! As for your Negative Nancy friend, promptly show her the "Unfollow" button.