Minerva's Breakdown: Toro! 

Dear Minerva,

What am I doing with my life? I keep finding myself in these situations with men who are unattainable. We connect in some way. We really hit it off. We even start making plans. Then, boom! Some sort of roadblock appears. Either they end up married or constantly traveling, or there is some other infuriating red flag that stops me in my tracks! It has happened so much that I am feeling jinxed! Furthermore, it's distracting me from things I need to do and focus on, like my business. Is my picker broken? Am I doomed? Has someone put a curse on me?

—Sincerely, Seeing Red

Dear Red,

I can't really tell you if anyone has cursed you. Nor can I discern if doom is your destiny. As for your picker, I don't know enough to tell you it's broken. Sometimes in life we find ourselves attracted to people that we know we can't have. It is safer to fantasize about what could be when we actually know that it never will be. If you think you are doing this to yourself, then the roadblocks are of your own design and you should probably shift your focus to more pressing matters than l'amour. If these red flags are there, you must make a decision. Are the red flags too dangerous and therefore you must halt? Are the red flags enticing enough to make you want to proceed? Some people are daunted by a challenge. While many will balk at a red flag, the bull will charge forward. It's your decision but remember that either the bull or the matador ultimately suffer.

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