Minerva's Breakdown: Waxing Feminine 

"Exploration is healthy and it's cool that you're open to his want to try on some new things."

Minerva Jayne

Adam Rosenlund

Minerva Jayne


My boyfriend is exploring his feminine side in the bedroom with me. I don't mind if he wants to wear makeup and use butt plugs. But now he's talking about waxing his eyebrows and legs. A more permanent exploration. This makes me uneasy. How can I become more receptive to his kinks?

-Sincerely, Girl Talk


Exploration is healthy and it's cool that you're open to his want to try on some new things. The grooming of body hair can be a touchy subject. Historically it's been difficult to get a man to even consider plucking a single follicle until there was the metrosexual phenomenon. While it makes you uneasy, it's his right to do with his body hair as he sees fit. It seems that you interpret this as a more permanent exploration. I don't know if that is the case or not. I don't consider waxing permanent. In most cases hair grows back. Eyebrows can be tricky if not groomed correctly. If he just wants to see what a different eyebrow shape looks like on him, look up eyebrows cover techniques on YouTube and try that. If you think that this desire to explore is overtaking your normal lovemaking routine, then you should talk about it. Compatibility is important in a relationship, especially in the bedroom. His exploration, while normal, shouldn't come at the expense of your own needs. If this is something that doesn't work for you, then maybe you make better friends.

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