Minerva's Breakdown: What Now? 

Dear Minerva,

I was very happy for a long time. Then things fell apart. My boyfriend and I broke up. Now my world is completely different. How do I live with being single now, after being happy for so long?

—Sincerely, What Now?

Dear What Now?

I sense, from the brevity of the question, that this is a painful, unexpected turn of events for you. Love can become something we take for granted. We look to our other half to be there for us through thick and thin. Sometimes, though, life is too thick or too thin, and, despite our best efforts, it just doesn't work. How do the heartbroken go on? I am not going to give you some idealistic inspirational quote. Heartbreak sucks. It is miserable. It is exactly zero fun. The feelings of rejection and sadness rock us to the core of our being, especially for those of us who don't take the sentiment lightly. What I challenge you to try and do is to separate the concept of happiness from the desire for a romantic relationship. It is going to suck for awhile. Maybe though, with time and some sound, generous investment in yourself, your life, your dreams, your interests, and your goals, you'll emerge from the heartbreak with an appreciation for yourself that no amount of heartbreak can rattle. Until then, love yourself wildly and treat yourself delicately. Don't break your own heart in a world eager to do it for you. Best of luck.

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