Minerva's Breakdown

Advice for those on the verge

Minerva's Breakdown: Slow Simmer

Minerva's Breakdown: Slow Simmer

"I am ready but I also don't want to be on the back burner. I have no reason to doubt his intentions are true. I just don't understand the hesitation."

Minerva's Breakdown: Lusting After Drag

Is it wrong to feel attracted to someone in drag?

Minerva's Breakdown: Dating Pool

Is the Boise dating world just a little too small?

Minerva's Breakdown: There Will Be Blood

"Fight the good fight for the rights that save lives, or give in and save lives, should my MSM status be overturned? Lives are at stake in both circumstances."

Minerva's Breakdown: Barbie Doldrums

"Is it normal to think about gender this much?"

Minerva's Breakdown: Gave Until It Hurt

"Philanthropic work can be an emotional vampire, sucking the very life out of the empathetic and loving."


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