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Dear Minerva,

My girlfriend is great and a lot of fun to be around. Naughty time is also great, except for one part of it: She's very enthusiastic about performing oral sex, but she just isn't doing it right for me. It is terrible. It is uncomfortable, and I don't know what to do about it. I don't want to hurt her feelings or change how enthusiastic she is about our sex life. What would you suggest?


Oral Objection

Dear Objection,

Putting into words a critique of your lover's performance can be a real mouthful. I believe wholeheartedly that your lady friend would want to know how she can best "address the court," just as I am sure you would want to know just how she likes it. As Ella Fitzgerald reminds us, "T'aint what you say / It's the way that you say it!" I suggest anyone approach the issue with their partner as an opportunity for sexploration. Trying new things stokes the flames of passion, so approaching it constructively and gently will be the key to letting her know that you appreciate her and her enthusiasm. Letting her know you also wish to maximize her pleasure is important, as well. Everyone's body receives pleasure in different ways. What may have been mindblowing for a former beau is not necessarily true with your body. Even simply saying, "What if you try it this way?" could be a gentle enough way to help guide her. In no time, she'll be "tellin' it to the judge" most eloquently.

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