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Dear Minerva,

My daughter is turning 21 and she has been totally obsessed with drag queens since she was a little kid. She loves to watch RuPaul's Drag Race. I want to surprise her and take her to a drag show here in Boise. I haven't really ever been to a drag show so I was hoping that you might have some tips on drag show etiquette. We want to have a great time and we want to be appropriate. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciate.


Queen Mother

Dear QM,

That is going to be a memorable mother/daughter experience! First of all, remember that you are entering an LGBTQ safe space. Be respectful of the people around you. This is their home. Secondly, have fun. A drag show can be a place where a lot of different kinds of entertainment are taking place. Coming in with an open mind will serve you well. Some performers may be political. Some sexual. Others funny. No matter what, they are expressing their art. Third, tip your queens. Drag is an expensive thing to do and working it out on stage in front of people is hard work. Tipping the girls is the least you can do to show your appreciation for their fierceness. Lastly, but maybe most importantly, respect a performer's body and space. It can be tempting to want to touch the performers but a drag show is not a petting zoo. Hands off. Drag queens are people and their bodies are their own.

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