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Pegging Sue


So here's the deal - my boyfriend has asked me to try pegging with him. I'm excited and terrified as I don't want to hurt him, but I also prefer to be the sub in the bedroom. I dominate every area of my life; the bedroom is my refuge where I know I'm not in control. At the same time, I'm flattered because he is so masculine and I never thought he would take an interest in something with such a stigma. What would you do?

-Sincerely,Pegging Sue


Knocking at the back door can be a sensitive subject, so your boyfriend must be very comfortable, not only with you, but also with his sexuality, if he brought it up. Our bodies have many ways of experiencing pleasure. Why deny ourselves? My advice to avoid hurting him is to take it slow and start small. You likely appreciate it when a man takes it gently initially to minimize discomfort when penetrating you. Apply this to how you treat him, check in with him on how he's feeling, and remember that lubricant is your friend. As for not wanting to be dominant, think about this: just because you will be "on top" doesn't mean you are "in charge." Doing this at his behest and for his pleasure is submitting to his will. Why not throw in some language to maintain your respective roles? Your mighty steed is in need, so saddle up, Sue! It's time to ride!

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