Minerva's Breakdown 

Advice for those on the verge

Dear Minerva,

I'm wondering how to escape the "Seven Year Itch" and not having feelings leaning towards infidelity. I love my partner, but I want to be pursued and fawned over. I tried to communicate this with my partner, but my desires were promptly dismissed. I don't want to look elsewhere for attention, but I want attention. Help!

—Monogamy Monotony

Dear Monotony,

Sugar, you sound thirsty. Attention is lovely to receive, isn't it? You know what is even better? Giving it to someone you love. Since your partner seems averse to the idea of showering you with the attention you seek, shower your partner with the kind of attention you desire. Lead by example. Everyone wants to feel desired and adored. Also, look at all the small things your partner may already be doing to show you attention, like a hand subtly running across your back or the way they take care of things when you have a bad day. Maybe it's in the way they hold you at night or the decision to commit to a life together. If you think about building a life as a daily, ongoing pursuit, I think you will find the magic within. The devil is in the details, but sometimes, so is heaven. Don't throw out the gold in search of a little glitter.

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