Minerva's Breakdown 

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Dear Minerva,

How would you recommend dealing with insecure thoughts in a long-distance relationship? We had only been dating for a few months before he left for a temporary job. Now I overthink everything. A text message like, "Wow! Look at those meteors!" turns into, "I don't know how to tell you that I don't like you the way you like me. Quit texting me!" in my head. It's ridiculous, I know, but I'm driving myself crazy. How do I make myself stop, Minerva?

—Paranoid Android

Dear Paranoid,

Darling, you are being illogical about the whole thing. First, don't worry about something until there is a reason to worry. You are working yourself into a frenzy because you are feeling insecure about something that hasn't even happened. Who knows if it will, so why worry about it now?

Second, don't tell yourself stories. Read exactly what he texts you as it is written. Don't try reading between the lines. There really may be nothing there to read. Chill out, and enjoy your relationship with him no matter how long it lasts. Enjoy each sweet text instead of wallowing in self doubt. You are, quite frankly, ruining all of the good stuff about having a beau.

My challenge for you: Every time you get a message, read it, cherish the thought of him and respond appropriately before you sabotage yourself and the potential of this relationship. You are worth it.

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