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Advice for those on the verge

Dear Minerva,

I have this dilemma. While I am at work, I sometimes I notice that my nails need trimming. I am kind of a forgetful person, and so I never remember to do this at home until it is too late. I am quite careful in going forward with the task of snipping them, as I don't want them to go flying all over the place; like, into somebody's sandwich or anything. But, occasionally one or two get away from me. The problem is this: When, despite my best efforts one does get away, my coworker gives me the stink eye. Really, it only glanced off her eyeglasses, it didn't go into her eye or anything. So, I don't think this is at all a big deal. What do you think? With warmest affection,


Dear Clauz,

For the love of humanity STOP grooming in close quarters with coworkers. No one should suffer your unwanted body parts flying around the room. If you don't want them anymore, why would your coworkers? I have to say that you deserve the stink eye. Yes, you absolutely do. You have broken an unspoken social contract. Therefore, she doesn't owe you kindness. You have effectively invaded her space with your detritus. Clip in the bathroom. Clip in your car. Clip anywhere else where you can be alone with your grooming. Stop grossing people out immediately and be a better person, I implore you. Now I must go unswallow. With Warmest Affection, Minerva.

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