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Dear Minerva,

I can't understand the rudeness of some people in this day and age. When I am out at a club or bar, it seems like every single time, someone cuts in line. They push their way to the front with total disregard for others. What is equally frustrating is that bartenders and other people waiting don't say or do anything. What can I do?


—Cut It Out

Dear Cut It Out,

This is one of my personal pet peeves as well so, believe me, I feel your pain. Most of us learned how to form lines in kindergarten and I certainly doubt anyone out there enjoys being cut in front of. I am one of those people who does call people out on this behavior. It is disrespectful of a person's space and their time. It is one of the most selfish displays of rudeness, and we have a duty to ourselves and others to let the perpetrator know what they have done. I don't normally resort to shame but, in this case, they need to be told. Remember: Just use your words. Be polite but firm. Don't touch them. I find others in line become more vocal and supportive because of it. If you are friendly with your bartender, let them know what has happened and give them a big tip. That's an alliance you will always cherish. Together, we can become a better society.

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