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Dear Minerva,

How do you handle trolls and haters on Facebook? I have friends who only comment or interact on posts if they are in disagreement or seem to have a point to prove. It's like they are waiting to pounce any time someone has a differing view. Then they hijack the thread, make everyone uncomfortable and relentlessly react to everything like someone just slapped their mother. What can be done?


—Tired of Trolls

Dear Tired,

I think in this age of social media, we have all encountered the kinds of contrarians of which you write. The unique difference with Facebook, which you specified as the platform you are concerned with, is that we usually know the people with whom we are interacting. People forget that it is SOCIAL media and end up acting in ways that are decidedly antisocial. I hold freedom of speech to be sacred. I usually don't censor people who commandeer threads unless it gets out of hand or is distracting to the essence of what is being discussed. I say ignore it. If it offends your sensibilities or those of your followers, delete things that are not in line. After all, it is your page. Make good use of restriction settings if you like, however, I am not a fan of the unfollow feature. Take each scenario case by case and never be afraid to "agree to disagree." If it is unbearable, hit "unfriend."

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