Minnick Leads in $$ 

Walt Minnick is leading the fund-raising race in the state's First Congressional District.

Minnick reported receiving $639,190 in donations as of March 31, with $327,910 cash on hand, according to the Federal Election Commission.

Republican Rep. Bill Sali reported $405,468 in contributions during the same period, with $124,192 cash on hand. Republican challenger Matthew Salisbury had $41,284 in donations and $4,532 in cash.

Before leaving the Democratic race two weeks ago, Larry Grant had collected $123,084.

The majority of Minnick's donations, 80 percent, have come from individuals, while 17 percent have come from his own pocket and another 2 percent has come from political action committees.

In contrast, roughly 72 percent of Sali's donations have come from PACs and 28 percent from individuals. Sali also reported $144,674 in debt.

He's also getting a kick from some Washington, D.C., Republicans. Last week, Sali raked in $66,000 during a fundraiser held by House Minority Leader John Boehner and the party's Regain Our Majority Program. The program is aimed at candidates the National Republican Congressional Committee sees as "politically vulnerable and/or have been targeted by the Democrats for defeat."

Minnick has also been singled out by the national powers as one of 14 candidates to qualify for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's Red to Blue Program.

The program is designed to give support to strong Democratic challengers in Republican-held states. To qualify, candidates have to surpass fund-raising goals. In exchange, they get national attention, giving them financial and strategic support, as well as introducing them to donors across the country.

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