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Superhero Portraits



Superhero Portraits

Tried the chocolates, flowers and candlelit dinner shtick for Valentine's Day? Think brawnier. Think adrenaline at 1,000 percent. You know what you love and you're (mostly) certain what (s)he would absolutely (most likely) love. Think Indiana Jones. Think Tomb Raider. Think Uncanny X-Men, knife-fighting grizzly bears, bulging muscles and excellent shading.

What says "I love you, snookums" better than your own portraits in a customized comic book splash page? Local artist Tony Miramontes thinks nothing does.

For $25-$50, Miramontes will immortalize your super sweetheart and help ease his/her induction into the ranks of heroes like Indy, Lara Croft, Jean Grey, Batman and more. Give Miramontes a picture, your significant other's favorite colors and his/her "super power" for a Spandex-and-cape clad version of the ultimate Valentine.

Miramontes left his full time job at St. Luke's Hospital to fulfill his dream of becoming a comic book artist. Now he makes these customized comic portraits to hone his craft.

Think that sounds like a pretty unbeatable V-Day present? You can get in touch with Miramontes via his Facebook page at Miramontes Art. He requires a week turn-around time, but your sweetie might be cool with a belated gift this super.

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