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Mochi Ice Cream

Through the grainy video the doctors huddle around an operating table, occasionally receiving surgical instruments from an off-camera nursing staff. Visible on the table is a long-limbed alien. One of the surgeons steps away, holding in his latex-gloved hand a pale green lump. Pulling down his face mask, he lifts the lump to his mouth and takes a bite. There's no audio, but it's evident that the taste of alien gland is exquisite--refreshing.

This is what it's like to eat a mochi ball--ice cream-filled dumplings made from pounded rice and dusted with rice flour.

In the palm, they feel like little stress balls filled with something gelatinous. Their skin is soft yet resilient, and the viscous, ice cream-y core is smooth and comes in four flavors: strawberry, chocolate, mango and green tea.

In the mouth, mochi balls become a whole new kind of weird. Their powdery, soft exterior can't prepare you for the feeling of sinking your teeth into what feels like something deeply organic--but they're delicious. The flavors range from subtle (green tea) to explosive (strawberry), but it can be hard to decide if what you're eating is good because it's delicious or because it's exotic, like a foodstuff from another planet.

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