Modern Art 2014 

Thursday, May 1

The original "modern art," from the likes of Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse, is more than 100 years old, but Boise's Modern Art event, in which artists transform rooms of the Modern Hotel into impromptu art exhibits, turns 7 this year.

While the "modern art" concept might not be new, the ideas and expressions certainly are--and they still reflect the movement's full-on rejection of historical tradition.

This year's Modern Art--slated for First Thursday, May 1--will cater to our need for multiple distractions with thought-provoking installations as well as "Alternative Spaces," in which visitors can "turn a crank in Grant Olsen's 'Infinite Scroll,'" visit the Lucy Project booth for answers to the big questions or "find their inner klezmorim" with the Fleet Street Klezmer Band.

Across the street, the fifth annual Bike Builder's Gallery, hosted by Boise Bicycle Project, will be staged on the Linen Building's sidewalks. According to Linen Building owner David Hale, what started out as a "fixie show" has morphed into a "true bike builders' event that channels the personality of the owner" into the heart of a customized ride. This year will see between 75 and 100 bikes, including recumbents and three-wheelers.

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