Mohr is More: Jay Mohr Leaves It All on Stage at Liquid Laughs 

The outlandishly unabashed Jay Mohr held nothing back in his sold-out performances at Liquid Laughs on April 27 and 28. Mohr's brazen style of stand-up comedy is still as frenetic as ever, matching performances that he admits were fueled by psychotropic drugs. He also readily admits that being politically correct is not, nor will it ever be, his thing. Additionally, Mohr copped to his own "touch of gayness," willingly flashed some skin and had a few colorful things to say about Boise.

There was a lengthy line around the corner of Liquid for the 10 p.m. show April 28, and fans were antsy to get inside—apparently Mohr's earlier performance had gone overtime and, as a result, the later performance didn't get going until 10:40 p.m., keeping in true, tardy rock star fashion.

Warm-up comics Sophie Hughes and Sean Jordan did a solid job of gut-busting the audience packed into Liquid Laughs. Hughes, who is transgender, was an audience favorite—she spoke to the trials and tribulations of her transitioning process. Mohr himself had asked Hughes to share the stage, due to what he said was his deep respect for her personal journey.

At headline time, Mohr sprinted to the stage with boundless enthusiasm and ripped right into a barrage of quips, beginning with how locals were so adamant about their pronunciation of Boise (BOY-see). Mohr wasn't shy when telling locals to "chill out" on speech customs, and proceeded repeat the "incorrect" BOY-zee. Mohr then ribbed the region's primarily white population, pointing to an African-American audience member at the edge of the stage and declaring his surprise.

"Finally, a black guy!" joked Mohr. "Where the f—k do you hide your black people?"

The audience member laughed heartily and accepted a complimentary handshake from the comic.

Mohr, a Saturday Night Live veteran, warned the crowd that he was just getting started, adding that they would never get any "B.S. Hollywood apologies" out of him. Mohr then launched into his take on the controversies surrounding the #MeToo movement, particularly on comedian Louis C.K.'s recent fall from grace. All this was right out of the politically-incorrect gate.

Mohr next pivoted to social awareness mode, proclaiming that homophobia is not a real medical disease, but simply people being myopic. He made a point of commending the LGBTQ community and even shared what he called his own homoerotic experiences as a preteen, allegedly with a man who is now a Chief of Police in Mohr's home state of New Jersey. Though the anecdote made some in the audience cringe, Mohr tied up his story with a hilarious punchline when he added that he could now break the law in New Jersey with impunity.

Mohr, who said he made a point of bringing his son with him to Boise, defined most young boys as a "quarter gay." He reminisced on a past slumber party when he was woken in the middle of the night by his then-6-year-old complaining that his friends had punched him in the penis too hard. Mohr focused on the operative words, "too hard."

"He's not doing it right," he said.

Mohr rounded out the evening with tales of his drugged-up days-gone-by, remarking that he'd once met Jesus in the stands at a New York Mets baseball game. Mohr said that at the time, he'd been taking LSD and drinking two bottles of Nyquil a day, adding that when his kids later asked which drugs he had tried, he responded, "Have you ever heard of crack cocaine? [I consumed] everything single thing but that."

Mohr said his ability to raise a family was a testament to his sobriety, underscoring his point by sipping Gatorade.

As midnight approached, the show became an end-to-end unfiltered night of Jay being Jay. Yes, he's as brash as they come, but Mohr puts his heart into his work.

"This is actually my job," he said, ending his final set at Liquid Laughs (he performed a total of four shows in two nights). Mohr stated for the record, "I love your city, I really do."

He wrapped up the performance with high-fives, handshakes and hugs all around. Then, Mohr darted off back to his hotel, undoubtedly to tuck his son into bed.

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