Momix: Botanica 

Thursday, Nov. 14

What would happen if you handed an iPhone to early computer designer Charles Babbage? What would Mozart think of The Beatles, or German motion picture pioneer Fritz Lang of Alfonso Cuaron's Gravity?

They might be impressed with how their efforts have been appropriated and extended, but they would probably be dumbfounded by the seemingly magical fixtures of today's world. If that's the case, showmen of all ages would be scratching their heads in wonderment over Momix: "Botanica," which comes to Boise State University's Morrison Center for the second time Thursday, Nov. 14, at 7:30 p.m. Last time it was town, in January 2012, Boise Weekly praised the troupe's versatility, elegance and visual ingenuity. The performance itself is a fusion of dance, music and illusion and, with "Botanica"--one of seven Momix productions--that includes a score which ranges from chirping birds to Vivaldi, and dance that uses props and sleight of hand to achieve fantastic simulacra of nature itself.

Momix: "Botanica" is sure to garner notices from the range of critical opinion, from reviewers impressed with its freshness and creativity to those befuddled at how dance, music and stagecraft could be bent into something so simultaneously terrestrial and otherworldly.

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