Ever hand the cashier the wrong bill--say, a one instead of a 20?

It's an easy mistake to make. And sometimes, easy to correct. Just look in your purse or wallet.

A Delaware woman could've saved herself a lot of grief if she'd done that instead of blowing a gasket.

Delaware State Police reports say the 53-year-old Claymont resident recently stopped by a Country Farms store to top off her tank. She thought she handed the clerk $20. He told her she'd given him a measly single.

She begged to differ. In a most unladylike manner: cursing and screaming as she stormed in and out of the store.

Her tantrum failed to persuade the clerk, so she rounded the counter and began to punch him in the head and face. Then she grabbed a pair of scissors and held them to the hapless man's throat, demanding her money back.

Cold steel to the neck proved more persuasive. The clerk forked over two tens. She left the scene. He called police.

On her drive home--maybe when she went to put the two bills away--the suspect noticed that disputed $20 bill in her purse.

To her credit, the woman turned around and went back to the store to return the two tens and apologize. The cops' response? Too little, too late.

Instead of an uneventful ride home with a full tank of gas, our suspect was treated to a ride to the local lockup. At least she went quietly this time. Fortunately for her, she evidently knows how to handle a blade. She left the clerk shaken, but not in need of medical attention.

As it is, the laundry list of charges she now faces includes two felonies--aggravated menacing and possession of a deadly weapon during the commission of a felony--along with an understated misdemeanor for offensive touching.

We foresee anger-management classes in somebody's future.

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