The drinking game of champs (and drunks)

There are as many variations of drinking games relying on quarters as there are clovers in Ireland, so if you're on a budget and staying home this St. Patty's Day, the following game of Moose should simulate a wild night out. For those that also grew up lobbing quarters in ice-cube trays, you'll remember these semi-official rules (check with your local high school kegger for the current official update).

Place a tall cup of beer at the end of an ice-cube tray and position in front of participant. If they make it into either of the two furthest sections of the tray, all hell breaks loose as everyone struggles to yell "Moose!" and raise both hands like antlers to their heads in graceful coordination. The last to accomplish this feat (which gets harder and harder as the night progresses) drinks the entire cup. If the quarter lands in any of the right-hand sections but the furthest two, the participant "takes" the corresponding number of drinks designated by how many sections away it landed. If it lands in the right section of the tray four spots away from me, for example, I drink four chugs. If it lands in any of the left sections, then the lucky dervish that threw the shot gets to "give" the corresponding number of chugs to whomever they choose. Here begins the point in the game for all to observe the occasional flirting among those plotting to get each other drunk.

When the quarter splashes its way directly into the cup, the glowing participant again gets to assign whomever to drink the cup's entirety. Whenever the cup is depleted in this instance, or by the loser of the "Moose!" phenomenon, the chugging victim refills the cup when they're done. In the event that the quarter miraculously balances on the edge of the ice-cube tray after its launch, the skillful player responsible gets to make a rule. Depending on the nature of the festivities and creativity of the participants, rules range from the typical "thumb rule" (the last to notice my thumb on the counter and follow suit drinks), to the tricky "drink every time the rule-dictator says a chosen word like *&%$#@!*." Once a new toss lands on the edge of the tray, the rule-dictator loses privileges to the new rule-maker.

A player's turn finally (or quickly) ends, when their toss does not land in the tray, on the tray, or in the cup. And so the game goes, on and on until all are too belligerent to lift their hands antler style and eek out "Moose" at the same time.

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