Mostly Muff to Call It Quits After 10 Years 

This sweater from a 2011 Mostly Muff concert was found in a Portland, Oregon, thrift store in 2019.

Andy Rayborn/MostlyMuff

This sweater from a 2011 Mostly Muff concert was found in a Portland, Oregon, thrift store in 2019.

After a decade on the Visual Arts Collective stage, Mostly Muff, the all-woman cover band, is set to perform its last benefit show.

"I think, over time, we've just gotten older," said singer and keyboardist Gia Trotter. "We all have kids, and we're all at that point where we want to pass the baton to a younger generation of female rockers."

The band, comprised of Trotter, Lisa Simpson of Finn Riggins, Ivy Meissner of Le Fleur, and a rotating cast of other musicians including VAC Operator Sam Stimpert, has raised money for local nonprofits for years. Getting through the VAC doors is by donation, and this year, proceeds will benefit Immigrant Justice Idaho.

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With its commitment to nonprofit fundraising, feminist advocacy and high-energy annual shows, Mostly Muff has become a Boise tradition, but in recent years, its members have had other, competing interests. Trotter, who was an art teacher at a local alternative high school when the band formed, spoke fondly of how Mostly Muff came to be.

"Some song came on the radio up above on the PA, and [Simpson and I] started singing and playing off each other, and we thought, 'Someday, we should do some sort of cover band,'" she said.

Now, Trotter has a 2-year-old and holds down a job in social work. She's also involved in some new music projects. Over the years, she said the members of Mostly Muff have improved considerably as musicians, performing songs that previously intimidated them.

"We're all way better musicians than we were back then. We've talked about best-of shows and bringing back songs that we played years ago, and at the time they seemed like such difficult songs to play, but we've grown so much," Trotter said.

Now, Mostly Muff is looking forward to finding out which band will pick up its baton—hint hint, three-time opening act Purring Mantis.

"I imagine you will likely see Purring Mantis at the same time of year, at the same place," Trotter said.

With Purring Mantis. Saturday, Feb. 16, 9 p.m. By donation. Visual Arts Collective, 3638 Osage St., Garden City,
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