Mr. Brooks 

By day, he's a Mr. Rogers: model citizen, perfect family, big house, ideal life­—even sporting a bow tie. But by night, he's a Mr. Hyde: a schizophrenic with a propensity for murder.

Kevin Costner and William Hurt star in this Hollywood-style case-study of a split-personality killer. Costner plays Earl Brooks, a successful businessman with a dark secret. He's got a voice in his head, Marshall (Hurt), constantly reminding him how much they both love exterminating life. He finds a perverse excitement in stalking a random couple and shooting them in their homes. Unfortunately for Brooks, his latest transgression is captured by amateur photographer "Mr. Smith" (Dane Cook, Employee of the Month) from across the street. Rather than contacting authorities, Smith asks Brooks for a special favor.

Costner's outwardly calm demeanor and Hurt's dark, conniving suggestions combine to make Brooks one twisted but fascinating character. By the end of the film, it's unclear whether you're supposed to want Brooks to elude the police or be captured. Cook is a bit strained outside of his traditional comic performances, but Smith calls for a manic energy, which Cook provides. Demi Moore and Marg Helgenberger (TV's CSI) co-star as a hard-nosed detective chasing Brooks and Brooks' wife respectively.

Mr. Brooks contains nudity and some scenes of graphic violence, but, artfully filmed, they aren't over the top. Thanks largely to its originality and the convincing portrayals by the male leads, Mr. Brooks is a surprisingly interesting rental choice.

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