Mr. Cope's Cave: Liars? Or Just Dumb? 

As you probably heard over the weekend, there were demonstrations outside of Planned Parenthood facilities nationwide, including those in Boise and Meridian. The scam they're running is to convince Idaho lawmakers to strip funding from the organization that provides health care and reproductive services to millions of American women. The argument they're making is that PP is selling fetal tissue to researchers for profit, as evidenced in a film covertly made last year by fanatical activists who will twist any truth that stands in the way of their intentions.

Now, anyone who cares about the untwisted truth of things enough to pay attention will know by now that the film the enemies of PP have been using for their evidence was fraudulently edited so as to present the worst possible interpretation of what the unsuspecting victim was saying. The filmmakers have been criminally charged for the deception they perpetrated.

They would also know that, even in states where the transfer of fetal tissue is permitted, the material is not sold but there might be a handling fee of $30 to $100 dollars asked of the recipient to cover the costs associated with the transfer.

They would know, if they cared enough about such things as facts, that PP is making no profit from this arrangement and is in most cases losing money on the deal—something they are willing to do to further the medical research such tissue enables.

Finally, they would know that Idaho is not one of the states that allow that transfer of fetal tissue and that even the governor's office has announced there is no evidence whatsoever that Idaho Planned Parenthood facilities are involved in such a practice.

With the protesters outside the Planned Parenthood facilities, we're not talking about people who care much about the truth of things, are we?... or would bother to let facts influence their attitudes. No, we are not. It matters nothing to them that what they are accusing PP of is a lie and they are willing to use that or any other lie to force their ideology onto the millions of Americans for whom Planned Parenthood is a blessing.

So the question arises: Are those protesters that dishonest? Or are they simply that f***ing stupid?
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