Mr. Cope's Cave: We Must Not Only Beat Him, We Must Forget Him 

Let us go forward on the assumption that a beast like Donald Trump cannot possibly be elected president of these great United States. I make a point of being specific about the great states, because not all of them are. Mississippi and Alabama are not great states. Given everything we know about Texas, it's not a great state, either. I don't consider Wyoming a great state or Utah. I could go on, enumerating states that aren't so great, but there's no need. You catch my drift, I'm sure.

Let's just leave Idaho out of the discussion for now, if only to avoid any hurt feelings.

Understand, this judgment has nothing to do with natural beauty, economic strength or the general character of the people living therein. I'm referring to politics and politics alone. Some states would otherwise be great if they weren't so sullied and degraded by the dominant politics roiling within their borders. How the citizens of Louisiana, for instance, could allow the birthplace of jazz, Cajun cooking and American multi-culturalism to degenerate so thoroughly into the shithole it has become, thanks to eight years with the repugnant Bobby Jindal steering the ship of state onto the rocks, is beyond me. It's even worse in Kansas under the disasterous leadership of Sam Brownback.

But back to the great states Trump won't be winning, should the unspeakable happen and the Republican Party puts that unspeakable man at the head of its ticket. Thankfully, there are enough Americans who will utterly reject his "leadership by loutishness" approach that I'm confident he will never, ever be president. He will be buried under an avalanche of electoral votes, and even Republicans know it. The smart ones, anyway—what few of them are left.

However, even in defeat, there will still be a Trump problem. The wounds he has inflicted on the body politic are deep and will leave permanent scars. If there was any lingering doubt among decent Americans that not all Americans are decent, all we need do is recall the violence and scorn and hatred shown by those noxious crowds that Trump attracts. While watching the frightening display of malevolence over the weekend, I had the thought that Trump has accomplished more than Dylan Roof, Charles Manson and so many racists, past and present, could ever dream—if you consider lighting the fuse of a race war an accomplishment.

There is nothing to be done about the followers of Trump. They are here to stay, I'm afraid, and they will continue to find ways to inject their venom into the national bloodstream. They are too vile to argue with, too insane to consider thoughtfully and, without Trump giving their disease a voice, they will be too incoherent to listen to. We will simply have to find a way to sweep them back under the rug and live with the ugly bump.

Trump himself, on the other hand, we can do something about. I don't doubt for a second he will continue to try to cling to the national attention like the parasite he is. He is not the sort to go away gracefully.

What we don't need to do is allow him any more stages from which to throw his feces. No more reality shows on which he is allowed to pretend intelligence. No more interviews; no more of his bloated visage on television; no more of that disgusting, twisted mouth of his spewing out lie upon lie upon lie. No more turning to him for anything... opinions, money or blessings. Even leading Republicans have figure out that it's just not worth it.

We must push him from our lives and never let him back in. He has dis-earned a place in decent society. With whatever tools we have at our disposal—organized boycotts, pressure on advertisers, the simple choice never to patronize his businesses again—we must purge him from our system. Vomit him out like bad meat and leave whatever's left of him to dry out and blow away.

He will be 70 years old when this is over, so there could be a decade or more left before nature finds a way to dump Trump that the GOP couldn't. But it should be a miserable decade for him, after what he's done to our country. And I can think of no greater misery for an swine like Trump than to put him behind the bars of irrelevance and never utter his name again.
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