Munchie Manifesto 

Whiling away the hours in front of a computer dreaming up new and exciting stories for our dear readers certainly works up our appetites. When our little fingers aren't busy working to the bone, flying o'er the keys the speed of lightning--and when we allow ourselves a deviation from our salad diets--we're munching. Fridays are doughnut days (incidentally Fridays are also beer days). Tuesdays are candy days courtesy of Atkins. Wednesdays are Java days. And then there's a plethora of finger-licking goodies that parade through our offices daily.

Lately we've been enjoying some of our snacks so much we decided to let you in on our secrets so that you, too, may satisfy the need to munch.


No, not the cookies, silly. West of Philly Cheesesteaks keeps our fingers greasy with homemade sliced and fried potato chips. They're ridged and seasoned to your request and so crunchy that a mouthful registers on the Richter scale. They'll fry 'em up while you stand waiting and dump anything from Cajun seasoning to celery salt to garlic or lemon pepper on them. Pick and choose or mix and match from a list of 13 spices and watch your tongue because these babies are served fryer-hot. Get a half bag for $1.59 or a full bag for $2.12 at any of West of Philly's three locations.


Call us candy crazy. We've been floating between caffeine benders and sugar highs for the last several weeks and in retrospect can justify our sweet cravings by claiming it was research for this column. Our favorites? Goodies' Raspberry Blackberries and Strawberry Blueberries. We're not really sure what planet they're from but in the words of Ramella, "They're like gummies with hard round little tiny balls on the outside."

And while most of us shy away from mystery candy packaged in wrapping covered in Japanese, Sewell has been smacking on Muscat Gummies. With a description (poor grammar and all) that reads: "Its translucent color so alluring and taste and aroma so gentle and mellow offer admiring feelings of a graceful lady." The last time someone offered us admiring feelings of a graceful lady we called the cops, but Muscat Gummies are pretty non-threatening in a sweet grape sort of way. Find your feelings of a graceful lady at Cost Plus.

Now we know this one ain't for the kids cuz it looks too much like fruit. Grapefruit, to be exact. We never would have picked up grapefruit slices to satisfy a sugar jones but Strong did. Despite the little disclaimer saying "Made in Germany" Strong left Lee's Candy with a quarter-pound of slices, brought them back to the office and was promptly relieved of her stash as grubby BW fingers slyly lifted slice after slice from her desk. Made in Germany, grapefruit slices can be found at Lee's Candy tucked into the Vista Shopping Center on Vista Boulevard.


Naming chips Crunchitos may be about as creative as naming a vegetable after a verb with a particularly negative connotation (i.e., squash). But what's in a name? In the case of Crunchitos, at least, what's in a name is the similarity to its food rival, Cheetos. Like their cheese-covered, chemical laden crunchy cousins, Crunchitos are the crunchy version of cheese puffs. Only good for you ... well, better for you. They're made by Little Bear Organic Foods with half the fat of Cheetos, twice the flavor and a list of ingredients in which everything is pronounceable. We opt for Crunchitos every time. Pick 'em up at the Co-op or Fred Meyer or buy in bulk online (you can get a 12 pack of 6-ouncers for $22.48). :

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