"My Soul is Clean!" 

"Big Deal."

In an Internet news interview last year, serial bank robber Allen Lee Brandt described the roots of his criminal inclination as being threefold: He was on drugs, he'd had a rough childhood and he liked it when people gave him money.

"When I robbed, I ate good. And I like to dress nice," Brandt explained. But when he got picked up last August for robbing two Boise banks in two hours, the admitted meth user decided it was finally time to "cleanse his soul," in his words, by confessing to the two crimes and seven additional robberies in the Boise area. Hopefully, that noble act felt good to Brandt, because it certainly didn't cause Judge Michael McLaughlin to flinch. Last week, McLaughlin sentenced Brandt to serve life in prison without the possibility of parole. Da Judge further dissed Brandt by hitting him with some ice-cold, judicial-quality logic: "We build prisons for people who do exactly what you have done," McLaughlin said.

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