North Idaho Law Enforcement Investigating 'Creepy Clown' Threats 

The "Creepy Clown" craze has made its way to northern Idaho. Police reports—some accurate, some false—have led to at least a dozen arrests in communities across the nation as reports of particularly creepy costumed characters have sprung up in more than a dozen states. Some schools in Ohio were even shut down due to Creepy Clown sightings and police have added patrols in Alabama, Florida and Georgia.

Now, law enforcement in Shoshone County have taken to Facebook to confirm that at least one individual, dressed as a clown, has been exhibiting stalking behavior and violence. 

"A majority of these cases seem to be pranks that are taken too far," wrote Shoshone County Sheriff Lieutenant Taylor Marlow. "The Shoshone County Sheriff's Office takes these reports seriously and are currently working on the 'clown' cases that have been reported to us."

KREM-TV reports Shoshone County Sheriff's deputies say the incidents all involve "fake" Facebook pages belonging to people dressed as clowns or identifying themselves as clowns.

"We are doing everything in our power to ensure these perpetrators know that terrorizing our citizens will not be tolerated," wrote Marlow. "We will do everything we can to make sure they are held accountable."

Similar incidents have been reported to police in eastern Idaho, according to the Twin Falls Times-News. They include alleged incidents of a creepily dressed clown chasing people in Wendell Sept. 28, and an ominous threat sent by an anonymous text message to a Jerome High School student Sept. 29.

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