Naan at Madhuban 

Naan at Madhuban. That sounds like the beginning of a haiku and if a bit of food ever deserved some poetry, it is Madhuban's soft, warm naan bread.

Naan is a ubiquitous Indian side dish, but at Madhuban, the fresh-baked versions can serve almost as a meal in themselves. Where most naan is often just plain white clay-oven cooked bread, Madhuban offers a variety of both savory and sweet options.

For less than $5, you can order garlic naan (which is also baked with coriander) or one of the stuffed naan, including onion, lamb, chicken, aloo parotha with mildly spiced potatoes and a paneer kulcha stuffed with homemade cheese. On the sweeter side, try the coconut or the kashmiri, which is filled with raisins and cashew nuts. And if you want something simpler, the lachha parotha is unleavened, layered, whole wheat bread with butter; the tandoori roti is simple clay oven-baked wheat bread; and the poori is that same wheat bread, only deep-fried and puffy.

But what if you're a naan purist and want plain, simple naan on the side? Then visit Madhuban during lunch and sidle up to the buffet. There you can have all the naan you want to scoop up fragrant basmati rice or the leavings of vegetarian samosas. You can wrap it around some crispy fish pakora or sop up lamb masala or any one of the other rotating dishes on the ridiculously low-priced buffet ($7.99 per person for all you can eat).

That Madhuban has one of the best selections of naan in town is naan-negotiable.

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