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Dear Minerva,

I have a friend that constantly name drops. There is rarely a conversation where she doesn't mention a well-known person she has hung out with. It's getting old. It's making people uncomfortable. I can feel the energy change every time it happens. It makes us all feel like we are either just some sort of stepping stone or that we are just not up to par. What can we do?


Nothing Special

Dear Special,

We all know a name dropper. My first suggestion would be to look for cues that your friend is not being snobby but is actually excited to have spent time with these people. Maybe she is just "fan-girling." After all, we do live in a society that values celebrity. There isn't anything inherently wrong with that. Sometimes friendship means tolerating the obsessions, hobbies and different tastes of our friends. I wouldn't write your friend off just yet. It can be very exciting to meet people who have inspired us. Unfortunately, it is very common to take for granted those that we see in our daily lives. What might seem like bragging and putting on airs on your friend's part, could just be her way of sharing her excitement. Try to be supportive of that, but if you feel she is valuing celebrities she has spent a few fleeting moments with over her friends that are there all the time, perhaps you both need a little distance in order to allow fondness to replenish.

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Speaking of Minerva Jayne,


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